World Alliances and Rivalries

A Geopolitical Role Playing Game

How to Join World Alliances and Rivalries

To join WAR: first, please read the rules, then research the nations you are interested in taking the reins of. If you need help doing research, ask the GMs; we will be happy to help. Please check the the Taken Countries list for a list of countries that have players - if you include a country which is taken, we will be asking you for a country to replace it on your list of 3. If you want to play a nation on the Difficult list please indicate so on your joining form.

In the form please submit your name, e-mail address and list of your top 3 choices, and a brief sketch of your character concept for your leader.  A GM will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your concept and help you create your world leader more specific to the country you are placed into.

If you would like to see how the game is played, our In Character mailing list (which is where the public action of the game happens, though not secret activity) is viewable here. We strongly recommend viewing how the game is played before signing up.

Taken Countries

United States
People's Republic of China (Mainland China)
United Kingdom

The Difficult list

The countries on this list are WAR: Hard mode due to their current states.  They are very challenging to play, and any success would be extremely difficult.  You are more then welcome to select a country on this list; please contact the GM's using the join form for further information.

North Korea 

Joining WAR