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World Alliances and Rivalries

A Geopolitical Role Playing Game

Rules of WAR

0. If you have been told by a Game Master not to do something related to the game, don't do it. If you have been told by a GM to do something related to the game, and there is no specific rule against it, do it. This is a general, catch-all rule - when it comes to situations relating to the game, the GMs have final authority. Period. If they must enforce a certain degree of method acting in a situation, there is always going to be a reason behind that, and sometimes that reason can't be immediately disclosed.


1. Don't be a jerk. This, again, is a catch-all rule. In Character, this game can get rough and frankly even a bit brutal. Out of Character, it should not. It must not. In Character, say what you will, have your character think what they will, so be it. Out of Character, remember at all times that your fellow players, and the GMs, are as human as you are. Foul language may be used, but use it wisely. OOC taunting happens, but you and I both know that some forms of taunting will get you evicted from the game. Don't cross that line, it's bright and shiny and beyond it there is no coming back.


2. Check your OOC drama with other players at the door. This game is competitive enough IC and OOC without adding more fuel to it. We know tensions will get high out of character - version 1 of WAR certainly had its moments - but the objective here is that no matter how rough it gets in game, everybody is at least civil outside of the game.


3. The game's working language, in all respects, is English. We welcome those for whom English is a second, or greater, language - but we ask that all communication regarding the game be kept to English where at all possible


Research and "Showing your work"


4. Ironclad rule: No citing sources in your posts, unless you *somehow* manage to do so smoothly within the context of the post. If you footnote with a source, expect to have a GM hurt you; how they hurt you and how badly they hurt you will depend on many factors, not least of which being the gravity of the offense. In fact, avoid footnotes to your posts at all costs, except for translations of non-English where needed (common phrases don't need it - common defined by an ordinary English speaker) or in very rare circumstances where a GM has *previously* authorized it.


5. That said, research is good. Where you think a post might need OOC research, do the research. The GMs reserve the right to ask you to show your research off-list when the plausibility or practicality of something is at issue. Rule 4 never says don't do the research, just don't *show* the research directly. Let the fact that you did the legwork become clear through the writing.


6. Equality of sources: The GMs will, where they can, donate research sources for the entire game - such as subscriptions to newspaper websites. Any other player may do the same. However, the rule that must be maintained is that if it is used in WAR in any manner, it must be available (or made available) to *all* players and GMs, equally, without exception. Within that, free sources are decidedly favored over sources for which money must be paid at any point. Hardcopy books are something of an exception - Good books on our topics are hard to find, but we can't share them over the internet. Please don't use them if you can find an electronic source, even just ebook versions of the same text. Please do not use Wikileaks due to the possible Classified stuff on it.




7. One player plays ONE character, the Head of Government or Head of State of ONE country. Subordinates may be freely used as NPCs. If it isn't clear from custom or circumstance what position the Player Character would hold, the GMs decide


8. At a minimum, players are expected to post at least once every two weeks, RL time. Exceptions will be gladly given for RL issues (or to accommodate Joint Posts in progress, or so forth), but you need to advise the GMs *before* the turn report goes out.


9. Turn reports (otherwise known as World Reports) will ideally be published once every two weeks. They *may* be published more often at the GMs' discretion, covering shorter periods of high activity, or less often if events (RL or IC) dictate that slowing down may be a good idea. A World Report will cover from 0000 US Eastern Time (the time in New York City) on Sunday of week one to 2359 US Eastern Time on Saturday of week two, and *ideally* will be published within 48 hours of the end of the relevant two week period. [This is just to make clear that we're not doing a WR a week as a regular thing. Time zone choice is purely author convenience, we can use Zulu if people really want.]


10.  Research and development: Building new technology is a fun part of WAR and can lead to great ideas. For research, the best rule of thumb is post quality + plausibility = success; don’t just list what you’re doing, tell us how you got there; with the right post quality, many things are possible, but you need to tell us what steps are taken, how they are taken, and do research if needed.


11.  Secret actions: In running a country sometimes you have to do secret things, To send secret actions, send a direct e-mail to the GM’s with the phrase Secret Action in front of the title, then a descriptive title, GM’s will rule and email back to let you know for success or failure, this will use the same post quality + plausibility= success.  There is a chance of a secret action getting exposed through leaks, or just bad planning (happens to all of us) However exposure is determined by the GM’s using the same post quality +plausibility= success strategy.  


12.  Just to say this: Any person simulating organized genocide will be summarily banned. The GMs will decide what counts and if there is even the slightest chance for an excuse that makes it not genocide. Period.